Nissan boasts a long, proud history of engineering some of the world’s most capable and fun-to-drive sports cars, sedans, SUVs, and pickups. With roots dating back as far as 1914, the Nissan brand has earned a place in the automotive industry as one of the world’s most innovative and trusted automakers.

Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works was first founded by Masujiro Hashimoto in 1914. In the first two decades of its existence, the company now known as Nissan Motors was renamed a handful of times, including Kwaishinsha Motorcar Co., Ltd., DAT Jidosha & Co., Ltd., Jidosha-Seizo Co., Ltd., and finally, Nihon Sangyo. In the 1930s, the name Nissan emerged as an abbreviation for Nihon Sangyo to be used on the Tokyo stock market.

Nissan Motors was officially founded in 1934, and by 1935 Nissan had begun exporting to Australia. In 1937, the Datsun Type 15 became the first mass-produced vehicle in Japan. In the 1950s, Nissan was prepared to expand into the United States, thanks to Nissan’s American designer and engineer, William R. Gorham.

The first sedans and pickups sold in America under the Nissan badge became instant successes. The automaker quickly expanded its expertise into the sports car market, creating the Nissan SPL 210 Roadster. In the 1960s, Nissan continued to focus on the America market, unveiling the Bluebird, another instant success. Shortly following the Bluebird, Nissan expanded into the off-road market, creating the Patrol, which was marketed as capable of “climbing trees.” In 1967, Nissan took the world by storm with its powerful and capable 2000 roadster.

The 2000 line continued to expand, becoming the Z line as we know it today. In 1970, the 240Z became the best-selling sports car in the world thanks to its impressive quality, powerful performance, comfortable cabin, and affordable price tag.

Today, Nissan is the third-largest automaker in Japan. Its vehicles continue to pave the way for excellence in engineering, safety, and quality. Stop by Riverhead Nissan today to see our exciting lineup of Nissan vehicles!

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