There are a lot of decisions to make when you’re in the car buying process. Oftentimes, the biggest of them is whether to buy new or used. At Riverhead Nissan, we want you to make the decision you’re most comfortable with and we’re here to help. We have laid out some of the benefits of purchasing a used car below to help you in weighing your decision.

Advantages of Buying Used

  1. Price - This is generally the biggest determining factor when purchasing a car. Buying used allows you to get a great car at a much lower price. Oftentimes, buyers can even purchase a nicer model for much less.
  2. Depreciation - New cars lose value immediately upon driving them off of the dealership lot. Purchasing a used vehicle allows you to avoid major depreciation costs and get a vehicle at its true value.
  3. Insurance - Insurance rates are affected by the age of a car so used vehicles often come with much lower insurance rates.
  4. Choice - Although you won’t be able to completely customize a used vehicle like you can with a new one, there is a broad range of vehicles to choose from. Vehicles that might have been out of reach a few years ago could be within your reach now.

There are plenty of other advantages to buying used vehicles as well. When you’re ready to start the process of finding a new or used car, let Riverhead Nissan be your first stop. We offer a great range of new and used vehicles for you to choose from!

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